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We are blasting away the competition!!
Blasting Heating Coating
Our sand blasting ring, heat induction ring and coating rig are easy to operate, fast, convenient, and accurate. 
We have many size rings to fit your needs from 8" to 42". We also offer an on-hand technician to help you and the accessability to get the machine where you need it.

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We bring accuracy, reliability, and
  convenience to the workplace.
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With a combined total of 50 years in the pipeline industry, we understand the demand and the needs of the business. We have watched through the years what works and what doesn't and have made a product that WORKS!
Our helpful staff is available Monday through Friday to answer all of your questions. We're looking forward to meeting you.
Two Pipeliners Improve Plight Of Crews Sand Blasting Pipe Welds 

In 2010, two pipeliners had a vision of a safer, more effective and environmentally sound way to sand blast pipe welds. Too many times, in the hottest part of summer, they witnessed coating crew members experiencing difficulty from heat exposure from wearing too heavy of protecive gear. They also noticed the unsafe conditons when the blaster had to crawl under and over the pipe to blast the weld.

C3 and Cadillac Coating would like to welcome and introduce our newest companies to the AutoBlasting revolution!  
Clear Creek Environmental, LLC (CCE) joined C3 in 2013 as our NON-UNION subsidiary.  CCE will be providing the same outstanding performance and quality as C3 does in the U.S.

For information on Non-Union bids contact or call (318) 628-8686.