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At C3 and within our wholly owned subsidiaries, we hold the safety and health of our employees, contractors, and customers/clients to our highest core value. Creating a safe and environmentally friendly workplace is more than just the right thing to do- It is our moral obligation! It is our philosophy that safety and sound environmental performance are key indicators of organizational excellence, and therefore, they are incorporated into our business process. Each person who works at C3 is important. Our success with customers, and consequently the overall success of this business, depends upon the individual- his or her personal skills, energies and contributions. At the same time, we should be concerned and supportive of each other. We are committed to excellence in implementing Health, Safety and Environmental (“HSE”) standards that not only comply with regulatory and legislated requirements, but also protects the safety and well-being of our employees, others involved in our operations, customers, and the public. It is our mission to continually strive towards improving the safety of the workplace, to ensure our people are able to safely return home to their families each and every day, and to protect the public and the environment from harm associated with construction activities.

Respecting this, C3 strives to provide a safe and healthy workplace. Additionally, C3 subscribes to the following principles:

Our commitment begins by demonstrating a visible and active leadership that engages employees and service providers to manage health, safety and environmental performance.
Most accidents are preventable through implementation of effective health, safety and environmental control policies and programs. Thus, safety and health and environmental controls are major parts of our daily work.
Accident prevention is good business. It increases productivity and minimizes human suffering.
Built on a foundation of management commitment and leadership, HSE responsibility is a line management function throughout our organization. Management is responsible for providing a safe and reasonable workplace for our people, and for exploring innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the environment.
Employees are responsible for following safe work practices, company rules, and for preventing accidents and injuries. Thus, working safely is a condition of employment at C3.
Employees must at all times comply with the HSE requirements of the applicable governing agency, and will be held accountable for such compliance in accordance with the C3 and/or clients disciplinary action plan.
Management must monitor safety performance, working environment and conditions to ensure that safety objectives are achieved.
Our safety program requires the participation of all employees – to improve safety awareness, and to prevent accidents and injuries.
We will continually strive to improve our health, safety and environmental processes.

Your involvement, cooperation and personal commitment to safety are essential. Keeping a safe workplace is a team effort. We need you on this team and we welcome any helpful comments.
Together, we can make the difference. Together, we CAN prevent accidents and injuries. We must work, every minute of every hour of every working day, to keep each other safe in the work place.